What is your grade suggestion for data journalism course?

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I think that a proposal for data journalism course can be:

Introduction to Computational Journalism

Kinds of data and database structure

Data journalism in the newsroom

User-friendly tools for data journalism

Finding data to support stories

Finding story ideas with data analysis

Dealing with messy data

Telling stories with visualisation, Maps and Timelines

interactive experiences with data

Ethics of data

Transparency, Trust and Credibility

But, it can be with a more technological approach, then, I would suggest contents on fields Automated/Robot Journalism; Data Mining News and Social Media; News Analytics, Metrics and Impact; Open Data, Civic Data, and APIs; Personalization and Recommendation; Prediction and Simulation in the News; Sensor and Drone Journalism and, Tools, Platforms and Languages by Journalists or for Journalists; Transparency, Trust and Credibility.

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